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    I’ve not had any luck finding the answer to this question in the documentation.  What does the audio quality slider actually do? I’m assuming it’s adjusting the bit rate of the Opus codec?  If it is, could you please let me know what the bit rate is at a few different points on the slider?  i.e. Lowest, middle and highest points?

    We’re looking to use NoMachine so our students can access our computer suite iMacs remotely and then use a range of audio software we have installed (Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton etc.).  Having an understanding of what the bit rate is etc. will be very helpful to us.

    Thanks, Tom



    The audio quality slider is related to the Opus sample rate, frame size, channels etc. All these things affect how fast the audio stream can be processed and transmitted to the other side. We are using variable bitrate encoding
    which means that bitrate can be changed depending on the audio stream to achieve more consistent quality.

    1. The lowest point (the best performance):
    Opus sample rate: 12000 Hz
    Number of channels: 1

    2. Middle position (compromise between performance and quality)
    Opus sample rate: 24000 Hz
    Number of channels: 2

    3. The highest point (the best quality)
    Opus sample rate: 48000 Hz
    Number of channels: 2


    Hi Witek,

    That’s great!  Many thanks for the reply.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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