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    I have an Ubuntu 16.04 desktop running NoMachine Workstation 7.6.2 with an active license. I just added EnableScreenBlanking 1 and EnableLockScreen 1 in the server config, restarted nxserver, and can no longer see my physical session when authenticating to NoMachine. When I SSH to the host, I still see my active local physical session.

    Is it possible to restore access to the physical session via NoMachine after a service restart? This is an issue because I work from home, and don’t always have access to get into the office to log off/on my physical session.


    Hi af85,

    In order to understand better why you cannot see the physical session, we will need to see debug logs:

    1. Enable debug:  sudo /etc/NX/nxserver –debug –enable all
    2. Reproduce the problem
    3. Collect logs: sudo /etc/NX/nxserver -debug -collect and send them to us.
    4. Disable logs sudo /etc/NX/nxserver -debug -disable all

    You can also take look at this article with the detailed instructions: Please send the logs directly to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com making sure to use the topic’s title in the subject.

    The desktop environment you are accessing will be useful to know as well. I take it that before you configured screenblanking and screenlocking for the physical session, you were able to see the physical session and connect. In the meantime, you could connect using a virtual session maybe.

    If you have an active subscription, you are entitled to open a support ticket.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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