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    Greetings.  I am currently using NoMachine on a number of computers and it has become an essential part of my workflow.  I have a lab of computers running managed Windows installs that allow for multiple users to login to using the university active directory.  These systems serve as clients to connect to our Linux servers that run xfce4 interfaces.  The process of connecting is great and the workflow is also easy for the students to pickup.  Overall, I very happy.

    I would like to see a couple of things added to the Windows NoMachine client.  One thing is that NoMachine does not use the taskbar properly according to the Windows model.  I would like to be able to “pin” the NoMachine application to the task bar and when I click on it it opens the browser.  It does this currently, but it spawns a new task on the task bar for each session to a server.  I would like these to be grouped according to the Windows interface model so that if I mouse over the NoMachine icon on the task bar, I get thumbnails of each process running.  I often am connected to multiple machines and this type of cleaning of clutter makes my workflow more efficient.

    Along these lines.  I would suggest a tabbed interface for connecting to multiple servers with a “home” connect to screen.  This would really be a great user experience improvement for me.  I hope others also feel this way.


    Thanks for considering my ideas in future builds.




    Hi Adam.
    We’re actually already grouping windows in the taskbar, but while looking for issues we’ve found a possible wrong configuration occurring when installing NoMachine through software updates. If you didn’t do it already, could you install the most recent version by using the installer available on our website, please? If you did it already, please share any useful information so we can troubleshoot the reason why the application model ID is getting ignored.

    About the interface, we’re currently working on a design change diverging from the possibility to have a window with multiple tabbed connections, but we’ll store your proposal in an internal feature request and we’ll evaluate it for future changes.


    Thanks for the reply.  Manually installing the update did do the trick on the single icon on the taskbar issue. Thanks for the heads-up on that.  I will keep my eyes open for other UI updates.

    Thanks again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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