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    Hi All,


    I am currently trying to see how we can easiest install NoMachine on developer clients.

    A bit of explanation for all of this to make sense.

    Our developers get the following hardware

    • Windows thin client laptop that they take with them everywhere they go. (Home, office etc)
    • 1 beefy Ubuntu-based desktop machine.

    IT-Support is using a custom Ubuntu iso image that installs all software needed by the employees.  Using a mix of preseed and scripting to provide a complete unattended  Ubuntu install (minus the initials of the employee).

    Let’s say I buy 40-60 Licenses for Enterprise Desktop Subscription.  From what I can gather, I will get a tar.gz file containing a node.lic (license files). And that this file is unique for each machine I install on. 

    What I would love to do is to script the install and activation of the installation. Something like this:

    dpkg -i /var/ur-installer/postinstall/data/packages/nomachine-enterprise-desktop_6.11.2_1_amd64.deb
    sudo /etc/NX/nxserver  –activate server.lic

    In the above example, the package is installed and activated.
    If I understand correctly, This seems to be the option.

    • Each license file is different and we have to copy the file over to each client manually (as we cant use the same one twice) and activate it.
    • We get a gold license, but here we end up with different files when we do buy more licenses in the future?

    My question:
    Since we automate the entire install process of the Ubuntu client. Is there some way to easily activate the licences by script?
    It seems that we will get individual licenses for every computer and have to manually input each unique license into the machine.

    • I have been told of a gold license, but this doesn’t seem to be the answer as we would properly buy more in the future.
    • Have anyone been able to automate the licensing process when dealing with 50+ servers completely? if so how?
    • What happens when the license expires and we have to go through each machine and update it again?
    • What happens when we buy more license at a later date?

    Am I missing something here or is this licensing really this much trouble?


    I hope my question makes sense. As you all can see, I am pretty confused by this whole licensing setup.


    Each host has its own license, yes. To faciliate things you could try some IT automation tool like Ansible or similar.

    Many of the answers to your questions should come from the sales team, so I sincerely advise you to contact them if you ave not already done so. Any custom purchase agreement and what alternatives should also be discussed with them rather in the forums.

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