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    Hi there,

    We use [removed] for all our remote users, so the X Server is only started when a user connects over [removed], not when the computer starts and NoMachine service starts.

    It seems that the X Server number that [removed] creates is always: 100

    Even if the X Server hasn’t been created yet,  can I set it to always attempt to connect to X Server 100 ?

    Is that the best way to go about this?




    Hi tech_unit,

    not quite sure how NoMachine is related to your installation of [removed]. However, if you are asking about how to set the display number that NoMachine should use, you can do it by setting the appropriate key.

    For physical desktops, specify the physical display or range of X server displays which are made available to NoMachine connections. It is possible to specify a # single display by display number, e.g. :0, or by port, e.g. 6000.
    The range of displays can be specified as a dash-separated list,  e.g. :0-:7 or, by port number, 6200-6204. By default all displays
    detected as running will be made available for users.
    PhysicalDisplays :0

    For virtual desktops (if you are running for example Terminal Server) set the base display number for NX sessions.
    DisplayBase 1001

    If, on the other hand, you want to go into a detailed comparison of how NoMachine compares with the other product you are using, I suggest you contact our sales team 😉


    Sorry, maybe I’m not explaining myself.

    We have a remote solution that we’re really happy with (starts with a [removed]), but sometimes Operator A would like to do some training with Operator B. They’re both remote so NoMachine would be a perfect solution.

    The issue is, when the host system starts, there’s no x session detected because the x server starts not on boot but when an operator connects.

    So is there a way of either:

    a) hard-coding the x session is:100

    b) have NoMachine scan for X Servers when a connection request is made.




    I think workaround for your case is to call sudo /etc/NX/nxserver --restart just after [removed] start.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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