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    Hello, I would like to bypass the NoMachine program for regularly access machines and simply double-click on an icon on my desktop.

    I’ve read in other posts that the shortcuts are held within Documents\NoMachine but this folder is empty, there are not even hidden files (from an ls -lsh).

    I cannot copy the icons from the NoMachine window.

    Would someone kindly let me know how I can link to the script/file so it can be put on my desktop.

    Many thanks.


    Hi. You could be using a NoMachine server discovered in LAN. In such a case connection settings are stored in a cache and there is not a connection file in the Documents/NoMachine folder.
    You could Edit such server entry, copy the IP and the Port, then go back and click the Add menu button to create a new connection with those same IP and Port. After you create this new connection file you can either use the Machines context menu to create a copy in another location, or create a shortcut to that file with Finder (right click, Make Alias).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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