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    Hello there…

    I have a sluggish cursor motion(while moving the mouse of the server) when enabling the “Show remote cursor pointer” check box in the client side ?!

    But, the reverse is really fast and pretty good (the cursor has a continues motion ) and i am really satisfied with that(i.e when controlling the cursor of the server through the mouse of the client)

    Is there a way that can make viewing the cursor of the server more smooth and continues in the client?

    I have tried the View only mode with no luck.

    Also i want to disable the cursor of the Client while viewing the cursor of the server (i.e. i want the server cursor ONLY )


    I am running the 4.4.12 version on both sides.


    Thanks in advance.



    Hello Ammar,

    thank you for your feedback.

    The “remote cursor” being more sluggy is somewhat expected, since a round trip is required to update its position and the delay depends on the network latency. For that reason keeping “Show the remote cursor” disabled is preferable in most cases, given that also the local cursor is updated with the remote cursor shape. Can you explain what is the reason why you prefer to see the remote cursor?

    Regarding your request to hide the local cursor, this is not currently possible. Also for this request we would like to know more about your use case, and we will evaluate your feature request in the future.


    Hello Fra81,

    Thanks for your reply.

    The “remote cursor” being more sluggy is somewhat expected, since a round trip is required to update its position and the delay depends on the network latency.

    Okay, but why the other way does not suffer from this issue? i mean when i move my local cursor (at the client side) the remote cursor moves really fast and is very reliable, i think there is a round trip and network latency issues too?!

    Please note that i am using the server and the client in my Local Area Connection (LAN) not through the internet.

    Well, my use case is that i want to see what is happening in the server side (like showing me how to do something in real time ), in that case i don’t want my local cursor appear at all, because it makes me a little bit confuse about which one is the server’s!!!

    Also, i think when disabling the local cursor will make the remote one faster and smoother!!!




    Hi Ammar,

    I realize I had probably misunderstood your first post. In the scenario you are describing, if I understand correctly now, a user is moving the mouse plugged into the server machine, while another user is watching his actions remotely through the NoMachine session. And the cursor movement in the player window doesn’t appear to be real-time, but delayed.

    This description represents the expected behaviour. NoMachine algorythms add some frame buffering when there is no user input on the session in order to make the playback smoother. We can evaluate if making this feature optional.


    Hi Fra81,

    Yes, that is exactly what i am talking about.

    Good luck with that. ^_^

    Thanks a lot,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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