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    I am trying to connect to the server, but I am getting this error: The connection with the server was lost.

    I have tried to re-connect, but nothing happened.

    I add the logs


    You posted this in the Windows forum, but without specifying if you are connecting to or from Windows 🙂 Please tell us:

    – NoMachine product and version on local and remote machine (free version, Workstation, etc).

    – Remote and local Windows/Mac/Linux version (Windows XP/7/8, OS X 10.x, Ubuntu xyz, Mint x.y, etc.).

    – If connecting to Linux, desktop version (GNOME. KDE, whatever) on server.

    – Steps to reproduce as well

    plus send the attachments which failed to attach directly to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com.


    Sorry for the short info,

    – In local machine is free version and in remote machine is a Workstation.

    – Local version is Windows and Remote version is Linux.

    – Desktop version:




    You don’t mention what the Workstation Linux distribution is nor the Desktop Environment (KDE, Gnome, other?). Maybe these were in your previous reply as well, under ‘Desktop version’. The images you posted can be added as separate attachments (not in the body, unfortunately) Can you send them again? Also, were you able to connect to this desktop previously?

    Are you the administrator of the Linux computer that you are connecting to? Please confirm the version of the NoMachine Workstation software that you have installed. Logs would be useful from the Workstation host. You can extract them using the instructions here:

    If you are not the administrator, please contact them and request them to open a ticket in the customer center so the support team can investigate why you are not able to connect.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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