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    I have a customer requirement for a remote desktop solution that supports 4 monitors or more, and I’d like to use Nomachine NX as the solution.  Does anyone know:

    1.  If NX can support 4 monitors.

    2.  If there are any thin client terminal solutions that support both NX and 4 monitors.

    This would be the latest version of NX, connecting to Linux (probably SLES 11) VMs.

    Many thanks,





    Hi Martyn,

    Are your 4 monitors client- or server-side?

    If they’re client-side , you can opt to display the remote desktop ‘Fullscreen’ across all monitors in the menu panel (Ctrl-Alt-0 -> Display -> Fullscreen on all screens OR click the fourth little icon from the left at the bottom of the menu).

    If the 4 monitors are server side and you need to be able to switch between each of the remote displays from the client,  then what you need is the following feature request:

    Your question about thin clients that support NoMachine, that’s really a question for the sales team. You can contact them directly from the NoMachine website:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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