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    I am having trouble with copy and paste working reliably between the client machine I am connecting from and the virtual session I am connecting to.  Ever since I began using NoMachine 4 I have had trouble with the clipboard not always being updated between the client and the session.  Usually I can, e.g., copy some text in the virtual session and paste it into an app on the client or vice versa.  However this quits working intermittently and if I e.g., copy some text in the virtual session and try and paste it in an app on the client, the clipboard is not updated with whatever I just copied.  It will work fine for a while, quit working for a while, and then suddenly start working again (without even closing down the session).  So far I have not been able to determine what causes it to stop working, nor what gets it to start working again.  Currently I am running the 4.3.24 workstation server on a Centos 6.5 linux machine and connecting to a virtual session through the 4.3.24 enterprise client on OS X 10.9.5.  I would be happy to provide more diagnostic information if someone can tell me what to look for.


    The next update will fix some copy and paste issues that we have reproduced in virtual desktop sessions. Thanks for taking the time to report.



    With “the next update” did you mean 4.3.30? Because I still experience copy/paste issues.

    In my case:

    I copy some text in my system, try to copy it to the NX session but what’s being copied is the buffer that was present in my NX session, not the text I selected in my system.

    It’s a virtual desktop session

    Kind regards



    Werner, have you upgraded both client and server? Fixes to copy and paste in 4.3.30 are client-side only.

    Could you provide more details about:

    • The operating systems of the client and server hosts
    • The desktop environments (Gnome, KDE, etc) in use and their versions
    • The applications from/to you tried to copy/paste unsuccessfully.

    Thank you.


    NoMachine client 4.3.30

    NoMachine Small Business Server 4.3.30

    Server OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.6 (Santiago), with KDE 4.3 or Gnome 2.28.2

    Client OS: Windows 7 Enterprise, Sp 1

    Copying from eg Internet Explorer address-bar into a shell running in KDE Konsole occasionally stops working.

    Copying from Notepad++ to Gedit on Gnome does not work (it prints the copy buffer from the NX session)



    Apparently my client version is still 4.3.24. I’ll upgrade it and I’ll keep you informed.



    It seems to work fine after updating my client to 4.3.30



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