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    In the past couple of weeks, we updated our servers to NoMachine Wworkstation 6.3.6-2.x86_64. I am connecting to the remote Linux machine from a Windows 10 laptop running NoMachine client 6.3.6 (the same problem occurred with an older version 5 windows client).

    After the server update, when I am connected to the remote desktop with a virtual display, if I am just typing, the screensaver will activate after its normal timeout period. If the mouse moves, however, the screensaver’s timeout is reset. Thus, it appears that typing is not sufficient to prevent the timeout reset. It is very annoying that the screensaver activates when the interaction is via the keyboard only.

    The remote system is a virtual machine running RHEL 7.6, with Gnome 3.28.2, 64-bit.

    This issue was not present with the previous version of NoMachine Workstation (5.3.12) on this same VM.

    How can this issue be resolved?


    Thanks for reporting. We were able to reproduce it and opened a Trouble Report which you can see here:


    Please use the ‘notify me’ service to receive an email when a fix has been released.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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