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    ilya karataev

    Hi i try to forward usb flash disk  with Linux client to Mac OSX server. In window I saw my devices but they didn’t connect. I didn’t find information about how to see logs on Mac osx. I try  to connect with Windows machine, it works fine.

    NoMachine free versions all the machines.

    On client ubuntu I use Unity.

    Mac OSX High Sierra 10.13.3.


    Sorry for my English.

    Have you a nice day.



    For current release USB forwarding on MacOSX 10.13.2+ is disabled. It will be officially enabled in an upcoming maintenance release.

    For now you can use a workaround that will allow you to use USB forwarding on your machines.

    Please open file /Applications/NoMachine.app/Contents/Frameworks/scripts/restricted/nxusb.sh as a root user.

    Find here this line

    >”$systemVersion” == “10.13.1”

    and change it to

    “$systemVersion” == 10.13*

    NOTE. Be careful, in changed line I remove “” from version number.

    Save changes and restart MacOSX machine.

    ilya karataev

    I try it but usb didn’t work



    it is likely that you have an issue with nxusb.ko kernel module on the Linux side.

    There are 2 possible options.

    1. nxusb.ko kernel module was not compiled, because of the absence of the Linux headers package.

    This article will help you to resolve that issue https://www.nomachine.com/AR12J00658

    2. nxusb.ko kernel is not loaded because it needs to be signed on some machines.

    Detailed article about this is here https://www.nomachine.com/AR05O00929


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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