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    Hi all, I set up NoMachine on Ubuntu 20.04, and key-based auth.  Initially I logged in fine, but it was the bare-bones gnome so I installed the full desktop.  I had logged out of the UI (not sure why I did that), and then restarted the machine.  I reset all the NX sessions, etc.

    However, when I re-connect using key-based auth, I get the Ubuntu login screen.  Trouble is, this is an Oracle cloud machine with a well-known user and I can’t set an individual password to get around it.

    I’ve tried wiping out all the gnome session data in the home dir, resetting all the .nx dir stuff, but I keep getting the Gnome login screen.  Any pointers?


    Virtual Screens (direct login) are only available in the Workstation/Enterprise Editions. If you use the free edition, it is like VNC.


    @mikecico, try Workstation from the Terminal Server for Linux range. It’s available in evaluation.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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