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    I have been trying for a couple of days to get a connection to my desktop, from a laptop, via the internet.

    The desktop is my home PC, and has a BT router. The laptop is connected to the internet via my mobile, using the phone as a hotspot.

    First off, the NoMachine installation on the Desktop shows the IP address as: nx://, and nx://, BUT, using WhatIsMyIP.com the reported address is: Your Local IP is:, and Your IPv4 is:

    However, nothing works as per the NoMachine instructions for connecting over the internet.

    Any ideas?


    Hi Eugene,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Before going further, can you confirm that you followed the procedure explained here: https://www.nomachine.com/getting-started-with-nomachine

    If yes, we will need to investigate further.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.


    Err, yes – I already said I had followed all available info and instructions.

    I have research everything, and nothing works.


    I have to say, I am really struggling with NoMachine.

    Chrome Remote Desktop works perfectly, as does [removed]  and Microsoft Remote desktop.

    I just can’t get NoMachine to work… and I have followed all the instructions I can find!


    Hello Eugene,

    Having analysed your scenario further, we are sorry that it doesn’t work over the internet.

    NoMachine Network is the product you need.

    You can tick the box in the feature request to be notified when it is released: https://www.nomachine.com/FR07J02731

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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