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    With NoMachine 7 it is possible to Disable desktop sharing, however as it says here:

    “Be careful if you decide to disable accepting connections when you are connected from remote: you will no longer be able to reconnect to the desktop via NoMachine once the current session is closed. In this case, you can recover the ability to connect via NoMachine by changing the settings in the Monitor menu on the physical computer.”

    So this happened to someone at work, and even though I could connect to the Linux workstation through SSH, there is no way to revert that change from the cli.

    I feel this is very dangerous, is there a way to revert the change either from the cli or by modifying a file?



    In that same guide you can find how to re-enable it via CLI in the server.cfg file, it’s in section 10.

    Override user's setting to disable 'Accept connection'
    If the user disabled 'Accept connections' from the !M monitor menu of the Enterprise Desktop, 
    it's still possible to re-enable it via command line.
    nxserver --useredit USERNAME --screensharing yes

    Thanks, I did not notice that part. I think after reading the tip I assumed it could only be restored by accessing the physical desktop.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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