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    I am experiencing a problem with NoMachine Windows. The connection between client and server is interrupted and restored many times until finally the client gives up with an error. The details are:

    1. I connect to the NoMachine server with the NoMachine client, Windows 10 to Windows 10
    2. The connection attempt succeeds and the image of the remote screen is displayed on the client
    3. For about 10s-20s I can move the windows on the remotely connected screen with my mouse. Operation appears to be normal
    4. Soon afterwards, the user is disconnected and the contents of the remotely connected screen in the client window freeze, and mouse clicks are ignored
    5. The screen goes blank and the client tries to reconnect
    6. The reconnection succeeds
    7. Goto 3.

    The loop ends after a few repetitions and the client displays the following message:

    “The connection to the server was lost.

    Error is 108: Connection reset by peer”

    Versions of the software:

    NoMachine product on local: free version
    NoMachine version on local: 7.7.4
    Windows local version: Edition: Windows 10 Education Version: 21H2 Build: 19044.1348
    NoMachine product on remote: free version
    NoMachine version on remote: 7.7.4
    Windows remote version: Edition: Windows 10 Home Version: 21H1 Build: 19043.1415

    The server computer is connected through WiFi, whereas the client computer is connected through cable, to a modem router.



    Hi Stefano,

    can you send also server side logs? You can follow the instructions in If you prefer, you can send them to


    Sure, I’ll send them to with the client logs and the reference to the thread. (The latter are different from the ones in my opening post, I saved them again after reproducing the problem.)




    Slodi, the logs you submitted were from the connecting client only.

    We need the logs from the machine that you are connecting to (server side). On the server machine (in your case Windows remote version: Edition: Windows 10 Home Version: 21H1 Build: 19043.1415), enable logs as per Fra’s instructions.

    Then, start a connection from your client side Windows machine and reproduce the problem. Gather the logs from the server side

    To do that on Windows, open a CMD console as administrator and run:

    cd %ProgramFiles(x86)%\NoMachine\bin
    nxserver --debug --collect

    The log archive is named as: NoMachine-log-<timestamp>.zip (e.g. and stored in: %PROGRAMDATA%/NoMachine/var/log/archives on Windows 10.


    Hi Stefano,

    I checked the logs. Both sides of the connection report the same thing: no data is received from the network, and eventually connection drops. It doesn’t look like a problem in the software, but rather a network issue.


    Thank you fra for your answer, I’ll check the router and the connection.

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