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    I’m running the free version of NoMachine on Windows 10 (latest version, both server and client). I’m experiencing very high mouse input lag in certain situations that makes the experience unacceptable.

    I have the option “Show remote cursor” enabled to observe the latency. When the mouse cursor is over the desktop there is a significant delay (around 1-5 seconds). The remote cursor drags behind with a significant amount, especially when doing rapid movements. In some cases the remote cursor “jumps” around instead of following the trail of the local cursor. This issue is also observed when a 3D application is used on the host. 3D applications that capture the cursor behave chaotic in terms of mouse input (rapid changes in input data; the cursor “jumping” as described above). It is important to note that this problem only occurs when the cursor is over the windows desktop area and in 3D apps. When the cursor is over an application window the delay is almost entirely gone.

    Both server and client are on the same network; connected using gigabit Ethernet via a switch. The server has an Nvidia GTX 970 GPU, the client is using an Intel HD4600 integrated graphics.

    The encoding used is: H.264 60fps (configured on the server). This is validated in the connection info when connected. It does not seem to be specific to the codec or frame rate as i tried different combinations. The display resolution is 1920×1200 (lower resolutions also tested).

    I also experimented with the various connection options available: “Network adaptive quality”, etc. But they have no effect on this issue.

    Honestly, I think I tried everything exposed through the configuration settings in my efforts to improve the input latency. I’m fairly confident that the problem is not from the network or hardware setup on the server and client as technologies like “Steam In-Home streaming” and “NVIDIA Game Stream” work flawlessly in 1080p 60fps using the same setup. I looking at NoMachine as a replacement for these technologies because it can potentially allow the use of the same software for both desktop / game streaming.

    Can you advice on how i can deal with the above mentioned issues? Thank you!


    Have you tried disabling using the GPU ? See Fig.8 in the following doc and uncheck the box “Use acceleration for display processing”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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