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    I’m trying to connect to a headless Ubuntu 18.10 machine using Windows 10 but all I get is a white screen, first time worked perfectly asking if I wanted to create a new display but afterwards I was getting a black screen then trying to fix it after reading several forum posts then now I get just a white screen. Log is attached.




    While there is no indication in the logs why there was problem with the session at first,
    the white screen is most likely caused by the Login Window screen on Wayland:

    2019-08-30 14:43:41 832.519  1068 NXSERVER checkLocalSession: found X server process: [Xwayland        /usr/bin/Xwayland :1024 -rootless -terminate -accessx -core -listen 4 -listen 5 -displayfd 6]

    Currently NoMachine does not work well with Wayland when using proprietary drivers,
    or in virtual machines.

    In the logs we noticed a standard Xorg server, which should work, but there is no connection attempt.

    Please check if disabling Wayland on login window help in this case. Standard
    procedure on Ubuntu is to edit /etc/gdm3/custom.conf file and uncomment or add line:


    Please let us know if there are any more problems.



    I disable Wayland and I got a black screen instead of white, but then I restarted gdm and nxserver and I was able to create a virtual screen, many thanks for the help.

    Just a quick question is that I’m having trouble to access root directory, it doesn’t show the authentication screen when running virtual screen on headless server.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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