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    The Windows 10 client is rendering a black screen when connected to a nxserver.  The servers are confirmed working OK because other clients with Windows 7 work fine.

    This particular windows 10 client has both an AMD and a NVIDIA card for multiple screens.  I have disabled each one and the problem persists.

    If I install a very old version of NoMachine, only the top 10% of the screen is rendered, the rest is black.  The newest version is 100% black.

    Help please

    Thank you


    Please try the following and let us know if it helps. Connect from Windows 10 and disable the hardware decoding:

    i) inside the NoMachine session open the menu (ctrl+alt+0 or click on the page peel in the upper right corner).

    ii) Access Display -> Change settings and tick the ‘Disable client side hardware decoding’ option.

    iii) Then on Windows 10, launch the client and  click on Settings -> Player preferences -> Privacy tab  and select ‘Don’t delete log files on exit’

    iv) Connect to the server and reproduce the black screen problem.

    v) On Windows 10, create a compressed archive of the .nx directory in the user’s home.

    The .nx folder is hidden. To find it, write the following in the address bar or the file browser: %USERPROFILE%\.nx Send the log archive to us as email attachment to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com making sure you use the title of the topic as the subject of your email.



    Thanks for the help.

    This was only fixed by reverting  back to an older version,  5.1.62.  Everything you suggested didn’t work.

    Even if they did work, I cant afford to change settings on 30 servers just to make the  last version work on one Windows 10 machine.


    Then we’ll need the logs. This would help us to understand what the problem is and why it’s happening. Thanks!


    Sorry the computer in question was already deployed and is in production environment 🙁

    If you search for 5.1.62 in the context of this problem you will find other postings about the issue with Windows 10. Maybe they posted their logs.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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