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    Good afternoon,

    That’s what I get when executing the command you said:

    “/usr/share/xsessions/ubuntu.desktop:Exec=env GNOME_SHELL_SESSION_MODE=ubuntu  gnome-session –session=ubuntu

    /usr/share/xsessions/ubuntu-xorg.desktop:Exec=env GNOME_SHELL_SESSION_MODE=ubuntu  gnome-session –session=ubuntu

    /usr/share/xsessions/unity.desktop:Exec=/usr/lib/gnome-session/run-systemd-session unity-session.target”

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    Please, I need an answer.

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    Thank you for answering,

    I have to say that I have been working with the same Amazon AMI, with the same instance and configuration and with NoMachine since January and everything has worked properly. This happens to me only since a few days. So maybe is related with some update, but the only one I remember is related with the internet connection device.

    NX server came with it, I didn’t install it later.

    In DefaultDesktopCommand I can see: “dbus-launch –exit-with-session gnome-session –session=ubuntu”

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    Hi Britgirl,

    OS version in local is Ubuntu 17.10, client is NoMachine 6.9.2.

    Server side is an Amazon AMI, OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 x86-64

    Here are the logs:


    “NX> 164 Connection policy:

    Type                       Value
    ———————–    ——
    autocreate                  yes  
    autoconnect                 yes  
    automigrate                 yes  
    desktop                     no   
    dialog                      no   
    NX> 105 Resourcelist
    NX> 104 Lista de recursos :

    Class     Type                       Value
    ——— ————————– ——
    session   nxvfb                       no
    session   unix-console                no
    session   unix-gnome                  no
    session   vms                         no
    session   unix-remote-custom          no
    session   unix-xsession-default       no
    session   vnc                         no
    session   windows                     no
    session   unix-desktop                no
    session   unix-remote                 no
    session   unix-cde                    no
    session   shadow                      no
    session   unix-kde                    no
    session   unix-application            no
    session   unix-default                no
    session   unix-xdm                    no
    session   physical-desktop            no
    session   unix-script                 no
    service   server-printer-sharing      yes
    service   client-network-sharing      yes
    service   audio                       yes
    service   server-network-sharing      yes
    service   client-usb-sharing          yes
    service   server-disk-sharing         yes
    service   local-recording             yes
    service   client-smartcard-sharing    yes
    service   client-disk-sharing         yes
    service   client-printer-sharing      yes
    service   microphone                  yes
    service   server-file-transfer        yes
    service   client-file-transfer        yes
    service   session-recording           yes
    service   server-usb-sharing          yes
    feature   enable-multinode            no
    feature   client-clipboard            yes
    feature   manual-node-selection       yes
    feature   server-clipboard            yes
    feature   node-load-balancing         yes
    feature   bandwidth                   no
    node      localhost:4000              yes
    node      virtual-desktops-limit      no
    node      connections-limit           no
    NX> 105 Listsession –user=”cfd” –status=”disconnected\054connected” –geometry=”1920x1080x24+render” –type=”all” –reconnectable=”yes”
    NX> 149 Confirmation required for creating new frame buffer on server
    Startxserver –option=”yes”
    NX> 500 ERROR: No se puede crear una nueva pantalla. Por favor, contacte su administrador sistema.
    NX> 127 Session list of user ‘cfd’:

    Display Type Session ID Services Depth Screensize Status Session name Username Platform Users Crea Node
    ——- —- ———- ——– —– ———- —— ———— ——– ——– —– —- —-

    NX> 148 Server capacity: not reached for user: cfd
    NX> 105″


    “Info: Starting NoMachine version 6.9.2.
    Info: Loading settings from ‘.nx/config/player.cfg’.
    Info: Loaded translation files for ‘Spanish’.
    8529 8529 20:20:55 085,952 Main: Creating the client session.
    8529 8529 20:20:55 086,044 ClientSession: Initializing session at 0x136f8f0.
    8529 8529 20:20:55 238,862 ClientSession: Initialized session at 0x136f8f0.
    8529 8529 20:20:55 239,175 Main: Entering the GUI event loop.
    Info: Slave server running with pid 8555.
    Info: Listening to slave connections on port 37550.
    8529 8529 20:21:04 178,539 ClientSession: Starting session at 0x136f8f0.
    8529 8529 20:21:04 179,306 ClientSession: Going to start session ‘/home/ordenador/Documentos/NoMachine/Conexión a ec2-35-164-97-22.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com.nxs’.
    8529 8529 20:21:04 192,663 Connection: Initializing connection at 0x167dd10.
    8529 8529 20:21:04 192,863 Connection: Initialized connection at 0x167dd10.
    8529 8529 20:21:04 192,888 Connection: Starting connection at 0x167dd10.
    8529 8529 20:21:04 192,903 ClientDaemonConnector: Starting a new connection to host ‘ec2-35-164-97-22.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com’ on port ‘4000’.
    8529 8529 20:21:04 193,019 Connection: Started connection at 0x167dd10.
    8529 8529 20:21:04 198,808 ClientSession: Started session at 0x136f8f0.
    Info: Connection to port 4000 started at 20:21:04 418,577.
    8529 8565 20:21:05 279,846 ClientSession: A valid certificate for this server was found.
    8529 8565 20:21:07 286,411 Connection: WARNING! Skipping a duplicate code 1000.
    8529 8529 20:21:07 501,816 ClientSession: Going to query the server for available services.
    8529 8529 20:21:09 533,254 Connection: Connection at 0x167dd10 failed.
    8529 8529 20:21:09 533,287 ClientSession: Runnable at 0x167dd10 caused the session at 0x136f8f0 to fail.
    8529 8529 20:21:09 533,300 ClientSession: Failing reason is ‘La negociación de la sesión falló.

    Error: No se puede crear una nueva pantalla’.
    8529 8529 20:21:09 540,614 ClientSession: Stopping session at 0x136f8f0.”



    Many thanks.

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