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    At some point I was saying myself that this post could have been filtered out because of the negative aspect of it. I spent some time to wrote it trying to figure out honestly the goods and the bads. I am happy it was not filtered. Another good point for you guys.

    Hope the UI and user experience will improve in the next version. Continue the good work.

    Regarding point 3, it generally works because with the plug attached, the GPU performs as if there were a real screen attached to it.

    In my case, the asus 4350 graphic radeon card does not need to have a fake plug on the connector at all (as i don’t have such a dummy plug), so the solution is purely software: just configuring an forcing the same real monitor mode that is in use when the monitor is plugged and it works perfectly 100% all the time (like if the monitor was connected), with no other hardware involve, no monitor plugged at all. So i guess the software could have detected that no monitor at all was configured in my setup and react in some way…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)