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    Hi Brotech!

    Thanks for your reply.  I have the xfce4 mint meta package installed, but I saw a standalone xfce4 meta that I think you were referring to, and I have installed it.  I don’t know if there could be a conflict with having both.  Unfortunately, neither the ways I was trying or the Xsession way worked with the new package installed.  It still dumps me right into Gnome.

    I looked in the error log and it said it was looking for Node.cfg and not node.cfg on several lines.  I made a copy of it, and changed the owner to nx like the other one with the N capitalized.  It got rid of the errors, but I’m still getting Gnome.

    Is there another location where it looks for this?  Could it be the NoMachine client on my Mac computer?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)