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    Hi Fra81,

    Yes, that is exactly what i am talking about.

    Good luck with that. ^_^

    Thanks a lot,

    in reply to: Running NoMachine Client Using Terminal #6867

    Hi Tor,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I want to know if i can run NoMachine Client and Server Without any GUI installed in my machine.I don’t have any desktop management.

    Let us say:

    On machine A running Debian based OS, this machine has command line interface only (i.e. no desktop or GUI at all).

    I would like to run NoMachine server on machine A and access that server with a client on machine B running windows.

    In short, i would like to run the FULL NoMachine (Server+Client) just like normal NoMachine in any GUI desktops, but without the GUI only command!!


    in reply to: Sluggish cursor motion #6858

    Hello Fra81,

    Thanks for your reply.

    The “remote cursor” being more sluggy is somewhat expected, since a round trip is required to update its position and the delay depends on the network latency.

    Okay, but why the other way does not suffer from this issue? i mean when i move my local cursor (at the client side) the remote cursor moves really fast and is very reliable, i think there is a round trip and network latency issues too?!

    Please note that i am using the server and the client in my Local Area Connection (LAN) not through the internet.

    Well, my use case is that i want to see what is happening in the server side (like showing me how to do something in real time ), in that case i don’t want my local cursor appear at all, because it makes me a little bit confuse about which one is the server’s!!!

    Also, i think when disabling the local cursor will make the remote one faster and smoother!!!



    in reply to: Windows7 to Windows7 – Authentication issue #6746

    Hello FooBar,

    Thanks a lot, it works!

    Yes,I have changed my username, so i was using the new one, but when i used the old one it works!

    i have found my old username in the following path:

    C:\Users ———> for windows 7

    I am really grateful to you and your fast and professional help ^_^

    I am glad to say”The problem is SOLVED”.

    Thanks a lot,



    in reply to: Windows7 to Windows7 – Authentication issue #6721

    Hi FooBar,

    Thanks for your reply.

    The problem still exist after restarting the server.

    I have restarted the server by the following steps:

    1-click the gray icon of NoMachine in my toolbar, and select browse connections.

    2-click the preferences button.

    3-click the connections button.

    4-Turn the Connections button OFF.

    5- After a while turn it back to ON.


    Is that procedure true?


    There is one important thing i forgot to mention before, That the 2 processes of NoMachine server appear when i am trying to connect from the another machine (machine A). But when i restart the NoMachine server following the above steps, i get only one server process, and again when trying to connect, another server process comes up!!! an so on.


    I have sent the screenshot (with command line column) after restarting the server and the compressed log folder to the mentioned e-mail.

    Thanks a lot.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)