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    That is the sole reason I personally need it, yes, but imagine an advantage to centralising vehicle tracking and co-ordinating logistics.

    While you are considering that, consider relaying as much live data from client sensors as you can — accelerometers/gyros’, light sensors. If you create the conduit, developers will choose your platform — that’s where it starts to snowball. Let’s face it: you guys have had a technologically superior solution for 20 years and it is, developmentally, very mature. Give it everything it needs to get the success it deserves.


    Hi Carin,

    Thanks for the response. It’s a pretty trivial implementation client-side, certainly no more complex than relaying mouse and keyboard input to the server as the compass and GPS devices typically just generate location and orientation data as ascii at 96oo bits per second. The majority of the coding effort would be generating virtual GPS and compass devices server side. That said, I don’t think the total coding effort would be that large — I’d be happy to help.

    Sure, I’m biased because I find this feature personally desirable, but I think you are overlooking an opportunity to set yourselves ahead of MSRDP in yet another non-trivial way. The use cases are infinite, a central server that knows the location of all remote terminals — flight control, you name it. Please reconsider.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)