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    Don’t think this is related to the application, because the focus gets locked on different applications at different times: IntelliJ Idea, Firefox, gterm, …. When the focus is locked, if I try to move or resize any window it will move or resize only the window to which the focus is locked.

    It happens at random – I don’ think its some key combination I’m pressing. But I will watch carefully to see if that is the case.

    I’ve tried pressing modifier keys, and combination of modifier keys but it doesn’t unlock the focus.

    There was a similar issue with an earlier version of NoMachine (see https://www.nomachine.com/TR12K04101). There the advice was to try running ‘xdotool key XF86Ungrab’. I tried that, and it seems to work sometimes but not always.

    It does seem to be related to the bandwidth of my connection. If I am hardwired to my router it almost never happens. If I am connecting over WiFi it happens all the time.

    Disconnecting and reconnecting *always* fixes it (for a while).

    in reply to: Most server-side apps don’t see microphone #19835

    The TR doesn’t quite capture my problem(s). Please see my other post re. recreating NoMachine sources and sinks as well – its not just that things get suspended, its that they disappear altogether. Its simple enough to avoid the suspend-on-idle: one can simply unload the module immediately after remoting in via pactl module-unload module-suspend-on-idle.

    Also the recipe I describe, of creating an “alias” for the microphone via module-remap-source doesn’t seem to work all the time. I’m unable to figure out what make it work or not work.

    in reply to: Recreate pulseaudio sources and sinks? #19832

    Now I’m the state where the NoMachine sources and sinks have all completely disappeared, even though audio features are turned on.

    Attaching output of pactl list sinks and pactl list sources.

    pacmd list-sources and pacmd list-sinks show “Monitor of Dummy Output” and “Dummy Output”.

    In verifying the fix for this issue, can you test that https://test.webrtc.org/ is able to find the microphone?

    in reply to: Recreate pulseaudio sources and sinks? #19747

    Now I am completely unable to get the microphone working. Earlier I was able to do that by remapping the source nx_voice_out.monitor via:

    pactl load-module module-remap-source master=nx_voice_out.monitor source_name=Microphone
    pactl set-default-source Microphone

    As to the sources disappearing. I don’t have a recipe for reproducing it. I am not killing pulseaudio, which does make them disappear. I’m not doing anything other than remapping as above. I will post the outputs you ask for immediately that the disappearance happens next.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)