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    This is actually a bit annoying.  There are already more than enough programs cluttering the systray after they finish doing their job, don’t add this to the list.  Used to be I could just start a connection, do my business and close it, and NX Player was out of the way.  Now I have two things to close.

    Now, consider what the systray is for:

    * It’s where you put quick access to fundamental system functions

    * It’s where you dock running tasks that shouldn’t be hidden, but also shouldn’t be in the taskbar or foreground all the time

    * It’s where you put quick access menus to tools and utilities that call for rapid and quick access to functions.

    In some environments NX Player is basically a system fundamental, but that’s the only thing that qualifies.  Once you’ve closed all connections, and the server isn’t active, why keep a systray icon?  It doesn’t represent a running task or ongoing process.  On top of it all it doesn’t even give any meaningful quick access (like showing a connections list, favorites, recently used), it just replicates the start menu.  We already have the start menu and desktop icons for exactly that.

    I’d really like to see it back to how it was, or a visible option to “Keep systray icon after last connection/window closes”.

    Again, there are more than enough icons in the average systray.  Don’t clutter it for no useful purpose.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)