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    Hello heywood,

    Several things needs to be done in order to resolve these issues.

    1) To safely clean up ‘/Library/Application Support/NoMachine/var/log/node/’ and user’s .nx directories please run:


    nxserver --shutdown


    rm -rf log/node


    rm -rf /.nx/T-* /.nx/F-* /.nx/R-* /.nx/M-*


    nxserver --startup


    Please note that by doing this you won’t be clean up whole .nx directory, since some of the files there might be important.

    2) Configuration files are located in: /Applications/ Please set SessionLogClean 1 in node.cfg if it’s not 1 already.

    3)These values look weird, so after clean up is done please monitor /Library/Application Support/NoMachine/var/log/node/, if the number of folders is increasing abnormally than it looks like a problem and we’d need logs to find out what goes wrong, here’s an article how to gather logs for in case it’s needed:

    in reply to: How does remote command get assembled? #23342

    Hello capn.freako,

    The command is correctly constructed but it’s not displayed with it’s original form in the logs.

    The only part of this command you can and might want to modify could be ‘/etc/X11/xinit/Xsession default’, but it’s not necessary since the problem isn’t related to the command construction.

    Could you confirm if the Desktop environment is working properly?

    .xsession-errors file in user’s home directory or system logs (such as syslog) might show some more information about why the session application terminates.

    in reply to: 500 ERROR: Cannot connect to the requested session #23258

    Hello tsher,

    It looks like there’s problem with gnome, there are numerous errors in remote node logs:
    2019-07-10 16:34:12 287.271 18278 NXNODE WARNING! Process ‘/bin/bash -c exec -a – /bin/ksh -c ‘/etc/gdm/Xsession ‘\”gnome-session –session=gnome’\” with pid ‘18316/18316’ finished with exit code 1 after 1,848 seconds.

    .xsession-errors file in user’s home directory or system logs(such as syslog) might show some more information.
    Is that machine headless? Could you confirm that Desktop environment is working properly?

    in reply to: Connection Error #23192

    Did you follow this link about port mapping? Could you tell us if plain ssh connection from same client to same server works?


    Edit: please also refer to

    in reply to: Server.cfg – script does not execute? #23170

    Hello, looks like there’s some problem in your script:

    2019-07-31 19:54:27 347.045 1139 NXSERVER WARNING! Process ‘/Library/Scripts/ main’ with pid ‘1216/1216’ finished with exit code 2 after 0,006 seconds.

    nxerror.log might show some more info. Script will probably fail even if you run it by hand. if you’re unable to fix it, you can post your script here and we could take a look at it.

    in reply to: Connection Error #23169

    Hello ReEm,

    Are you trying to access NoMachine server over the internet? In that case please take a look at this link: and follow instructions, you can ask here if you have any further questions.

    in reply to: Limit access to single application #23147

    Hello ddufour,
    It is possible to restrict users to use certain applications on Linux using profiles, however free version doesn’t support profiles feature, which is required. Take a look into Paragraph 4.1.

    unix-script path to the script Run a virtual session by using the X client script on server as specified by path

    You could disable all other sessions and set unix-script for certain user, that would restrict user to running only specified command.

    in reply to: Server.cfg – script does not execute? #23111

    Hi catalina,
    First thing to check is if script is executable and user “nx” has permissions to run it. Than check if you correctly set your script into server.cfg e.g:

    UserScriptAfterSessionStart = "/usr/NX/scripts/custom/"

    Do you log in straight onto the machine where you edit server.cfg? You can find more information about custom scripts on this link :

    If everything looks ok than we’d need to take a look at logs. To do it please uncomment and set the ‘SessionLogLevel 7’ configuration key in the ‘/usr/NX/etc/server.cfg’ than reproduce problem i.e in your case e.g set
    UserScriptAfterLogin = "/usr/NX/scripts/custom/" then connect with NoMachine client and log in.

    Here you can find detailed info on how to gather logs:

    in reply to: Logging of usage in Cloud Server? #22608

    That information isn’t readily available on Cloud server, however it can be accomplished. NoMachine can run custom scripts on certain events. You can create custom bash scripts, that sends info to machine where Cloud server is installed. This scripts should be set into according session events in server.cfg, for example to log information about session start you would create custom script that logs/sends session start to Cloud server machine –, than set <UserScriptAfterSessionStart /path/to/your/script/>, than create another script that logs session end and set <UserScriptAfterSessionClose /path/to/your/script/>, <UserScriptBeforeSessionFailure /path/to/your/script/>. To run custom script after login – UserScriptAfterLogin key can be used. Note that this should be done on all remote servers.

    Here’s more information about custom scripts for Enterprise desktop

    in reply to: Logging of usage in Cloud Server? #22346


    It’s not quite clear what does ‘any logging of usage of the cloud server’ mean. Could you elaborate on what kind of information you’d like to be able to log?

    in reply to: Issue with limit of NoMachine Guest sessions #21493

    Hello helfgott,

    Comments aren’t supported on the same line of enabled key – value. So please try to remove < # helfgott added> and leave plain <GuestUserLimit 1500>  to get expected behavior.

    in reply to: Create a new virtual desktop automatically after login #21495

    There’s an upcoming FR which will be available in the next version of NX – This FR will be enough to cover your case.

    Before this FR is implemented you can do it this way:

    Set DisablePersistentSession all, in server.cfg, what this will do is that virtual desktops will be terminated upon disconnection.

    Next remove everything from AvailableSessionTypes key and leave only unix-xsession-default:
    AvailableSessionTypes unix-xsession-default.

    This will make default virtual desktop as only available session. After this change, webplayer will start new virtual session upon login. If you’re using nxplayer, nxplayer will show only one icon “new virtual desktop icon” – to start a new session you simply click on it.

    To save this behavior the user could switch shown desktops from “all desktops” to “my desktops”; after this change if same connection is used, the user will start a new virtual desktop after login, without the need for clicking a new session again.

    in reply to: Create a new virtual desktop automatically after login #21468

    Hello oolmedo,

    In order to implement behavior you have described, you will need to use custom scripts.
    When do you want to run virtual desktop?

    a)Run new virtual desktop every time every time user connects.

    b)Run new virtual desktop only the first ever login from user.

    c)Run new virtual desktop only in case user has no running virtual desktops.

    in reply to: Prevent specific keyboard inputs #18098

    Hello devon,

    xmodmap command needs X authorization to work properly, therefore it’s necessary to set correct path for x authority cookie. Here’s an example how to correctly set environment variables and run xmodmap:

    export DISPLAY=":$4"
    export XAUTHORITY="$NX_SYSTEM/var/log/node/C-$(hostname)-$4-$1/authority"
    xmodmap -e "keycode 133="

    This script needs to be run on UserScriptAfterSessionStart event.

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    in reply to: Can’t connect to SLES 11 SP4 machine #13597


    Seems like problem is related to some kind of thread/process limits, two of our components nxclient and nxagent can’t create threads because of some limits which leads to your problem. Are there any limits set by you? If yes than raising this limits and restartingNoMachine should help. If you haven’t set any limit yourself than we need to indentify which limits do we reach exactly, limits could be checked by: 1)ulimit -a 2)cat /proc/sys/kernel/threads-max. command: ps -elfT | wc -l will show number of threads running on system at that moment.

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