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    sorry for my late reply, just only saw the post now. Well, what you say is close to what I mean. Let me try again.

    – Multiple windows on the client are opened, each connected to the same remote session

    – Each window on the client counts as one “virtual monitor” on the server

    – The relative location of the virtual monitors on the server is dynamically changed to reflect the relative location of the windows on the client.

    As an example. The client has 2 monitors on the clients computer. He opens 2 windows to the remote session, positioning the windows so that one is on top of the other. On the remote machine, the system emulates 2 monitors being connected to the remote machine, one being on top of the other. If the windows on the client side are moved (e.g. next to each other and full screen), the display resolution on the remote computer changes (as it does dynamically already upon window resize) and the relative position of the monitors changes as well.

    Then you could have a horizontal and a vertical monitor on the client. And if you full-screen 2 windows in them, the remote machine would reflect automatically exactly the same setup.

    So, what I envisioned is a little more general than what I understood from your email. It also only depends on the ability of NoMachine to detect the relative position of windows on the client with respect to each other

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    thanks – yes it is somewhat related but as you mention does not really address my setting.

    In particular, the whole “remote monitors” is a red herring for me, as I am running my session on the server without any connection to a physical monitor on the server. Essentially, my use case is an extension of the resizing feature NoMachine has already built in. Resizing the client display (and choosing the resize remote option) is essentially equivalent to connect a “monitor” with a particular resolution to my remote computer. Now – all I want is to connect a second “monitor” to my remote session (where this monitor of course only exists virtually) using a second window on the client.

    As such – my feature request is actually completely orthogonal to the feature suggested in your release:

    1. You are trying to solve the issue on how to display several monitors when a *second* user connects to a session (in your case, the first user is the user in front of the physical display)

    2. I however would like to “virtualize” the physical monitor setting as the primary user. In my case, each window I open to a session is supposed to count as an equivalent to a “physical” monitor being connected to the session (under the assumption that there are *no* actual physical monitors connected, i.e. a session running on a server). Your feature in the next release would then apply if a *second* user connects to the session where a *primary* user is using several virtual monitors at the same time.

    I hope I am clear – happy to talk more if I am hard to understand … sorry.

    In the end, what I am saying is. I appreciate that you are working on features surrounding multiple monitors. However, I would urge you not to take feedback on the feature that you have mentioned above into account when you are evaluating if you can support the feature I have suggested. The two things do not have a direct connection and are really working on related but complimentary rather than correlated issues.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)