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    Is there a way to generate a crash report log for NX?  Thanks for the help.


    I don’t see anything in /Library/Logs/CrashReporter with a recent enough date to correspond to the crashes in the NX logs.  I believe it was crashing on the previous system as well, from what I remember when I looked at the logs.  They were both MacBookPro systems (old one was mid-2010), new one is brand new.  Old system had OS X 10.9 or 10.10, new system has OS X 10.11.2.  Both have Centrify.  I can’t think of any other difference with a normal default machine.

    What should I do to generate a crash report log?


    1. Could you authenticate with the same account on troublesome host using previous NoMachine versions? If so, which version worked for you?

    I didn’t use Version 4 at all, but I WAS able to run version 5 everywhere on all of my Linux, OS X and Windows systems for a brief time, I couldn’t say which version.

    One day it just stopped allowing me to login from Linux to OS X or from Windows to OS X. All other combinations are fine, and OS X can connect anywhere.

    I figured I did something to the laptop, but not I’m starting on a brand new laptop with a default install. — actually it’s connected to the domain using Centrify so this is a domain user, but otherwise a local user in all other respects. I also tried a default local admin and that also does not work

    2. Are you using NX or SSH protocol? Does changing the protocol help?

    Definitely always NX — SSH does not work with the free version right?

    3. Can you authenticate on El Captain server using other account?

    I have a local admin that also does not work, but I can SSH.

    4. Can you authenticate on El Captain host using other SSH client?

    Yes, no problem with the same username and password I am using for both test accounts.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)