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    I have just tried using NoMachine on the recommendation that it would be a better remote solution than tightvnc and that it could connect over the internet as well.

    My installation is working but in the guide there is mention of NoMachine detecting the internal and external IP. The only IP address that appears is the local IP but not the external which I understand is what allows the connection over the internet.  There is no mention of having to do any configuration with routers just to establish such a connection.

    This seems to be the same issue experienced by edgedbynone but restarting NoMachine.

    I feel I may be missing something because the guide seems so simple that things should work right of the bat.

    I’ve tried latest free NM installs on three computers win7 home, win7 pro and win 8.1 pro each has and antivirus and the win7 pro is behind a router firewall and located remotely. The only machines that connected were the other two that were getting connection from the same router.

    By its description, I take it that NM can connect over the internet and be an alternative to Teamviewer. Which would mean, to me, that NM would not need for firewalls or routers to be configured just so that a connection can be made.  Am I wrong in this assumption?

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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