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    @Britgirl, I really don’t know how global proxy solves the problem of 5 individual files. It would make more (not all) sense if you can create global proxy profiles that you can toggle between. Because between the 5 nxs files and and having to change between 5 different proxies manually in global settings, I’d pick the 5 nxs files. Copying how browsers work should not be a priority given that the number of private networks you are connecting to via NoMachine is going to greater than private networks in a browser. Most people using a browser will likely never touch proxy settings. NoMachines behind proxies is done for security.

    Automatic configuration is a good workaround, but this is not always available. And while it can be generated, this is IMO a step backwards from the UI option for per config setting.

    I’m just curious why it was removed when a global and per config can co-exist where specificity overrides the general one.  Was there a technical reason why it was removed?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)