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    Hi @graywolf, yes, it seems to be the same problem. The image is blurry and lacks details. I followed your recommendation from this thread and disabled “client side image post-processing” and it seems to be doing the job, thanks.

    By the way, disabling multi-pass encoding seems to affect audio quality as well. When I let e.g. a video on youtube play @firefox and then I start another program, or I try to browse pictures, sound is “choking”. It happens even with audio set to lowest quality. My both server & client are quite powerful and they do not show very high load, network is 10G.


    , hardware acceleration works:

    Info: Using Nvidia H.264 hardware encoder.
    Info: Using desktop manager for screen updates.
    Info: Using DirectX for screen updates.
    3960 3188 14:05:21 084.122 GPUEngine: Configuring GPU resources.





    Does the log on your side confirm that hardware acceleration is being used, or is it falling back to software like mine?

    I will check the logs when I will be back home on Saturday.


    Rather than a low quality, I see a sort of light “shift” in colors.

    Well, what I could observe was really bad quality – I tried to view the pictures in the remote session and it was really unacceptable. With multi-pass encoding pictures were gradually reaching the original quality.

    Thanks for opening the Trouble Report!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)