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    I just tried NX on Sierra (16a313a) and it seemed to work fine. The main reason I installed Sierra on my Mac is to see if the NX bug TR11M06216 was fixed in case it was an OS X thing instead of an NX thing. However, it’s definitely an NX bug (and it’s just killing me that it isn’t fixed yet…).

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    Many thanks for your reply – I agree that it looks like exactly that bug. Unfortunately, I work in Cadence all the time and have to go back to SSH until this is fixed. It is a little disconcerting (for me) that this was logged as a bug in November of last year and is marked with a minor priority – it completely undermines my ability to use NX until it’s fixed! I do, however, appreciate that it may not be so important to other people though…

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    OK – this is embarrassing. It seems to be working now – I have the colors I want. Not sure exactly what I did right during my debugging, but until I can retrace my footsteps I think it’s best to withdraw my post. Sorry for the bother.

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    Thanks for responding. First off – I’m not very X11 literate so please forgive me if I’m not hitting the mark with my answer.

    On my Mac I have just done a standard install of XQuartz from https://www.xquartz.org. There is no .Xresource file located in my Mac’s home directory, although it may be elsewhere based on the XQuartz installation. There is also no .Xresource file located in my linux box’s home directory.

    I start the CAD tools from the xterm window that comes up after starting nx, so the cadtools inherit the .Xdefaults stuff. My .Xdefaults file contains the following (and I’m mostly interested in setting the background color to white):

    ! This is the only line in most peoples .Xdefaults file

    Dtwm*VCLSalFrame*secondariesOnTop: True

    ! The following are for changing colors within Cadences schematic editor

    ! After editing this file, do the following command:

    !       xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults

    Opus.editorBackground:  white

    Opus.dragColor:                 red

    Opus.selectColor:               red

    Opus.highlightColor:    red

    Cmdtool.MaxLofFileSize:         1000000

    Mouse.Multiclick.Space:         10


Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)