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    In the latest version I too am experiencing a broken clipboard sync.┬áThis happens across all platforms, doesn’t matter which is the host or server. I have a few machines:

    1x Windows 8.1

    2x Windows 10

    1x Ubuntu 12.04

    1x Ubuntu 14.04

    1x Ubuntu 16.04

    Regardless of which is the host or which is the client, ALL copy paste to-and-from any combination of connections between any of these 2 computers results in ONLY the local clipboard being pasted, cannot copy/paste across local machine -> remote machine or remote machine -> local machine.

    All machines are running the latest version of NoMachine. I’ve even started delving into the node.cfg files and there is no reference for clipboard sync other than limiting the buffer size. Any help here?!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)