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    NX client 3.5.0 uses SSH protocol, which is not supported by NoMachine free.

    You can upgrade your client to version 4 and connect by NX protocol.

    The NoMachine Enterprise Client is available for download here:

    Anyway, there is also the possibility to tunnel the NX protocol into a SSH connection:

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    Hi areem11,

    to connect by client 4 to server 3.5.0 with SSH you must choose ‘Use the NoMachine login’ . You can select it by clicking on Advanced from the connection settings panel.

    ‘Use the system login’ method is not supported by server 3.5.0.

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    Which package? Free NoMachine version, Workstation Enterprise Server?

    If you installed the free version you should get the physical display exported.

    Since you say that the machine is headless, probably this machine gets a default Xorg.conf configuration, set up by Ubuntu at installation time.

    NoMachine doesn’t change this Xorg.conf and it is not responsible for setting up Xorg to support a wider range of resolutions. You should try in the Ubuntu control panel or refer to the Ubuntu documentation.

    You should be still able to set a “virtual X server” using the instructions here:
    How to use NoMachine on a headless Linux server

    Then NoMachine should be able to attach to it just fine.

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    Hi kermitsalon,

    what product did you install on the server? Are you connecting to the physical display or a virtual display session?

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    Can you please explain better?

    “I see double windows side by side”

    What windows are they? Do you mean that you get 2 player windows instead of one?

    “with a very crappy, low quality screen”

    What is crappy? The screen of the remote server displayed in the player window on the client side?
    Where is the server machine you are connecting to? Is it on your LAN?

    Can you send a screenshot to the support?

    in reply to: Portal server could not retrieve source node #256

    Hi Molko,
    I suspect that installation on the node is NoMachine and not Workstation. Can you please check by running there nxserver –version? If it’s NoMachine, I think you have to uninstall it, remove the installation directory, and install the Workstation again.
    I hope this help 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)