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    We work with CG applications like Maya, Nuke and some others proprietary programs.

    Due to covid, NoMachine is one of the assets we use for remote work.
    Because of my position I have to work remotely from different hardware, working on Linux from a PC, a Mac or an iPad.

    Now is the tricky part.
    Working from Windows or MacOs is seamless but iPadOs is another thing.
    We need to use the middle button of the mouse in every applications we use. The one from the scroll wheel.
    And it’s just not working on iPad. Same for scrolling but we can at least use the gesture.

    So is it possible to, at least, have an emulation for this button ? Maybe a button on the keyboard (virtual or not) that would work in conjunction with the left click of the mouse could do the job ?Any solutions that would make this button work would be greatly appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)