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    Hello tagore.

    Currently the right mouse button could not help to remove connection files, because the context menu is not available for the Android client. We’re evaluating different ways to restore the file removal option, but for the time being you can handle the NoMachine directory in your SD card storage by using the stock or 3rd party file browser, as you’ve already noticed.

    in reply to: Android app – mouse right click #3978

    Hello MartinS.

    We’re aware of problems with the external mouse. Actually the right button acts like the Back key, so we’re working on our interface library to add this functionality. Stay tuned!

    in reply to: Issues with full screen and multiple monitors #3941

    Hello Kleven, thank you for reporting this issue!
    We have inserted a new Trouble Report at
    Right now the fix is under testing, so most likely it’ll be available in the next release. In the link above you can also find an option to be notified when it gets closed.

    in reply to: Confusing Button: My Desktops/All Desktops #3827

    Hello esarmien!
    I have to say that you are the first person to have reported this particular problem of the label not being clear. The UI has been designed so that the user, when landing on the desktop list, shouldn’t have to click anything other than click the session that belongs to him. Of course, this won’t stop the user from exploring what buttons do and so on!

    Let’s not confuse ‘stateful buttons’ (View, Order by, My/All desktops), which let you configure how you want to view the desktop list, and ‘action buttons’ (e.g New desktop, Back, Connect) which prompt you to do something.

    All the state buttons follow the same logic, i.e. the icon you see in the button is the configuration that you have in front of you. So when you see “My desktops”, you are already viewing your desktops. Adding a verb to the button, if there was space, wouldn’t solve the problem for the handful of your users who click on it. They would still click on it because they believe that by clicking on it they will see their desktops, when in fact they are already seeing their desktops.

    As Britgirl mentioned, changing the logic of one button, means changing it for all the other buttons. What we need to come up with is a better label that communicates that your are already viewing your own desktops, and that by clicking on the button you will view yours and everybody else’s.

    The suggestion provided by Britgirl about disabling desktop sharing could be a viable workaround if your users don’t need to share. In the meantime, we’ll evaluate what other options are possible to improve this label.

    Thanks anyway for your suggestions and comments.

    in reply to: Android client disconnect blank screen bug #3552

    Hello rl2e!

    If you are willing to test an APK solving this problem, please contact us at issues[at]nomachine[dot]com
    (put the title of the topic in your email).

    As for the Back button behaviour and an option to keep the screen awake, they’re both in our roadmap.

    in reply to: Page peel too sensitive #3532

    Hello samo_dadela.

    Page peel is one of those features for which it’s hard to please everyone all of the time, though we would like to and try to. 🙂 We tried to make the page-peel as inobtrusive as possible, and as configurable as possible, but at the same time keeping the GUI simple.

    What about one of the remaining corners at the bottom?

    Making the page-peel less sensitive would upset those who want it to appear immediately, likewise adding more options to set how sensitive it is would clutter the client GUI.

    in reply to: Android host field #3497

    Hello ucchino.

    We’ve noticed a similar problem when using custom keyboards, like Swiftkey. Can you confirm if this is your case?
    Qt 5.3 recently fixed this problem, and as soon as the final version will be released we’ll upgrade our application too.
    Until then you may use the Android’s stock keyboard as a workaround when running NoMachine.

    in reply to: General usability comments #3392

    Hello samo_dadela!

    If that is not possible at least provide a minimize hotkey… like CTRL-ALT-9 (or configurable).

    The following feature that we’re implementing will allow you to minimize with a shortcut:

    – now try to exit: I can exit only with ALT-F4

    If I’ve understood correctly, the behaviour you’re describing is related to the player running in fullscreen mode. In the current version you need to leave fullscreen to close the window. In one of the next updates we’ll add a close button at the bottom of the dialog that will make the operation easier.

    in reply to: Autostart session #3130

    Hi DBGTMaster.
    The client can automatically start a connection if the configuration has been saved. In order to do so, when selecting the type of the session to start and when adding the session details, always check the box “Save this setting in the connection file”.

    in reply to: Android client fails to start #3070

    Hi elquedro.

    Could you send the logcat to issues[at]nomachine[dot]com referencing your forum post. Thanks!

    in reply to: NXClient v 4.1.29_5 #2903

    Hi Jan.

    The client program is now called nxplayer, so this is what you need to use.

    in reply to: Enterprise Client on thin clients #2624

    Hello snejok!

    And I noticed small regression in 4.1: there is no EXIT button on screen that appears on session end (see attachments). I want to say that very difficult to close NX4.1 windows if there is no window decorations in my environment (embedded systems). NX3.5 was more ready for embedding.

    This is still working, but you’ve to start the player with the ‘–exit’ command line option, e.g. nxplayer –session file.nxs –exit

    in reply to: Enterprise Client on thin clients #2623

    Hello abo.
    There is a Feature Request which you can see here:

    It will allow some of the default settings of the connection UI to be configurable such as disabling of the welcome panels, forbidding the user to edit the connection configuration and so on.

    I have been unable to figure out how nxplayer records that the “don’t show this again” checkbox has been checked. Can anybody enlighten me which option in session.nxs or player.cfg I need to set, so you don’t have to check this every time?

    Set to ‘false’ the following keys in

    – Show menu panel tutorial
    – Show menu panel mode selection
    – Show opening menu panel tutorial

    – Show remote audio alert message
    – Show remote display resize message


    Hello sneer! I’m sorry for the delay.
    We’ve opened again the TR and added a workaround:

    We’ll release the fix in the next update.

    in reply to: SIGSEGV in player when trying to turn off server #2388

    Can you send us the crash log to issues[at]

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