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    Being Vmware – not sure I can actually “unplug the monitor” – best I can do is “run in the background” when I close the vmware window.

    I was hoping I could get the xorg config¬†that runs in “physical display” (realised after reading more these are the proper NoMachine terms: physical/virtual) mode into the “virtual mode” that NoMachine spawns.

    I don’t really understand what is happening, so I don’t know what to search for to figure this out.

    I mean the current setup of “connect NoMachine to physical display with VMWare in the background” is pretty identical to just using VMWare directly – I just find¬†interacting with the NoMachine client window works nicer than the VMWare window…

    If what I want to do is not possible that’s fine (specify the xorg settings in NoMachine’s virtual display mode).

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