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    Hi Kroy,

    It’s weird  but i’m unable to reproduce the problem. The client doesn’t close itself anymore and i don’t know why but it’s a good thing however, i still have the issue of resolution.

    I can not change the resolution in the client unless the server is connected to a monitor and even if it is, the only resolution i can have in the client is the one from the monitor where the server is connected. I tried this by connecting the Debian to  a 55cm TV.

    Is there a way use the widescreen monitor resolution 3440×1440 without the server being connected to a screen ?

    With thanks and regards,

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    Thank you for your response and support, I’ll get the logs as soon as i can. Yesterday I did some tests and I found the problem but not how to resolve it.

    I bought a new monitor, it’s Alienware AW3418DW(widescreen) with a max resolution 3440×1440. The Debian machine was before connected to this monitor via HDMI, while the Windows PC was also connected to this monitor with a Display cable. I was able to connect from the windows to the Debian and use the max resolution 3440×1440 with the option full screen + fit screen. Now that I moved the Debian the living room without connecting it to a monitor, every time I try to connect to it the max display I get by default in NoMachine client in Windows is 1920×1080, when I select custom resolution 3440×1440 is when the client closes a few seconds later. It also doesn’t apply the resolution requested, I checked this before it closed automatically.

    I did a reset of the preferences and  tried a custom resolution of 1920×1080 with fit screen + fit window and everything worked fine. NoMachine didn’t close.
    Another thing is the resolution bar, it’s inactive, I can’t move it.

    Using 1920×1080 in this monitor feels to big, everything is gigantic. Is there a way to turn the problem around to be able to use the max resolution of the monitor ?

    With thanks and regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)