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    Do you use ActiveDirectory/LDAP/domain users?

    Could you send to us output from:

    1) id nx

    2) getent passwd nx

    3) /usr/sbin/useradd -d '/var/NX/nx' -p '*' -g nx -s /bin/false -r nx

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    Hello dmanushin,

    Looks like you have 64 bits (x86_64) operating system and you installed NoMachine package
    for 32 bits (i686). I expect that you use NoMachine Free, so I use this type of installation in
    my instruction.

    Firstly please uninstall current NoMachine package:

    sudo rpm -e nomachine

    remove leftowers:

    sudo rm -rf /usr/NX /etc/NX /var/NX

    Download the right package:

    install the new package:

    sudo rpm -i nomachine_5.3.10_6_x86_64.rpm

    Now you can use NoMachine.

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    Hi mikeev,

    Looks like your graphic card without a connected monitor works
    in power save mode and doesn’t draw graphics properly. This is
    the reason why you got black screen. The solution is to disable
    graphical runlevel of your headless Ubuntu 16.04. You can simple

    sudo systemctl stop gdm.service

    sudo /etc/NX/nxserver --restart

    You should got expected warning about X server.

    sudo systemctl set-default -f

    Now you can connect to the machine and NoMachine create graphical
    session. If you got problems with resolution you can change it in
    display settings:

    If you want to restore your previous default runlevel just execute:

    sudo systemctl set-default -f

    and after next reboot your OS should display Gnome.

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    Hello mikeev

    We couldn’t reproduce your problem in our laboratory. We need more
    information. Please follow steps below:

    1. Check if you have installed desktop environment. Please send
    the output to us.

    dpkg -l ubuntu-desktop

    ls -l /etc/X11/Xsession

    2. Check if Xorg process exists. Please send the output to us.

    ps -ef | grep -i xor | grep -v grep

    3. Gather logs:

    a) Edit the /usr/NX/etc/server.cfg file. Uncomment and set the

    SessionLogLevel 7

    b) Edit the /usr/NX/etc/node.cfg file. Uncomment and set the

    SessionLogLevel 7


    SessionLogClean 0

    c) Reboot nxserver:

    sudo /usr/NX/bin/nxserver --restart

    d) Reproduce the problem – try create connection to Ubuntu headless
    when monitor isn’t connected.

    4. Pack the whole log directory:

    tar czf log.tar.gz /usr/NX/var/log

    5. Send the log archive to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com


    Hello higrys

    We couldn’t reproduce the problem in our laboratory. Could you
    reinstall NoMachine again and reproduce problem?

    1. Uninstall NoMachine:

    sudo dpkg -P nomachine

    2. Remove all directories:

    sudo rm -rf /usr/NX /etc/NX /var/NX

    3. Check architecture of your OS:

    uname -a

    If the output include: x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    you should use x64 package:


    if you got: i686 GNU/Linux or i386 GNU/Linux
    please use x32 package:


    4. Install NoMachine.

    x64 system:

    sudo dpkg -i nomachine_5.2.21_1_amd64.deb

    x32 system:

    sudo dpkg -i nomachine_5.2.21_1_i386.deb

    5. Gather logs and reproduce the problem like in this link:

    and send packed logs to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com.


    Hello EddieA

    Could you set in your Slackware /usr/NX/etc/node.cfg:

    DefaultDesktopCommand "/usr/bin/"

    Put attached script to /usr/bin/ and set this permissions:

    chown root:root /usr/bin/

    chmod 555 /usr/bin/

    and try to run NoMachine connection to your Slackware.

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    in reply to: Cannot install NoMachine on Linux (Ubuntu Gnome) #14232


    You can simply remove broken NoMachine installation:

    sudo dpkg -P nomachine

    sudo rm -rf /usr/NX /etc/NX /var/NX

    and install again

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    in reply to: NoMachine client missing from Applications #13930

    Yes it’s a bug, it’ll be fixed in a next release.

    in reply to: NoMachine client missing from Applications #13921

    Hello iainhallam

    When you installed package nomachine_5.2.11_1_x86_64.rpm you
    shouldn’t install nomachine-enterprise-client because nomachine
    ‘server’ package also includes ‘client’ part. If you need on
    your machine only NoMachine client, please just run as root:

    /usr/NX/scripts/setup/nxplayer --update

    This fixes the problem with ‘Applications’ menu entry.

    If you need installed server and client parts on your machine,
    please remove existing package:

    rpm -e nomachine-enterprise-client

    and install again:

    rpm -i nomachine_5.2.11_1_x86_64.rpm

    in reply to: Server not fully starting, can’t connect #13761

    Looks like you are trying to connect by SSH protocol to the port 4000.
    To fix this you can create a new connection in nxplayer and use
    default settings or you can change your current connection:

    1. Open nxplayer and find icon of your current connection.

    2. Click right mouse button on the connection.

    3. From a context menu choose ‘Edit connection’.

    4. In ‘Protocol’ field choose NX.

    5. In ‘Port’ field set 4000.

    6. Accept your changes by clicking ‘OK’ button.

    After the fix if you still have problem, please try connect again.
    Wait until error shows up in nxplayer and then click ‘Save logs’
    button. Please save and send the log file to us.

    in reply to: Not able to Launch application #12268


    I can see that you use package for 32 bit OS. Could you confirm that you have x32 Ubuntu?
    Please run in terminal:

    uname -a

    uname -p

    or in Unity Search:

    System Settings -> Details -> Overview -> OS type

    if in output you find i686 or 32-bit, please send to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com
    output from installation and a packed log directory:


    If you have 64 bit OS, please try:

    sudo dpkg -i nomachine_5.1.44_1_amd64.deb

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    in reply to: Cannot create the home directory for the nx user #11614

    Hello Hugga,

    Do you use on your PCs Active Directory or similar technology?
    Is ‘nx’ a domain user?

    Could you zip whole log dir on both machines (PC1,PC2):


    and sent to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com, please.

    in reply to: Unable to install NoMachine on Windows 7 #11261

    Hello Greenrose,

    Could you zip whole log dir:


    and sent to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com, please.

    Is it something unusual in settings of your PC?
    Is the OS installed on a USB drive? Is it a virtual machine?


    Hello Canufrank

    Looks like your computer processor is 32-bit. NoMachine needs 64-bit CPU.

    You can check this by run in terminal:

    1. CPU name:

    sysctl -n machdep.cpu.brand_string

    “Core Solo” or “Core Duo” CPU it’s 32-bit only

    2. Check if your CPU supports 64-bit:

    sysctl hw.cpu64bit_capable



    open a terminal and tell me the output of this command:


    uname -a

    If the output of ‘uname’ includes i386 or x86please send also this packed dir:

    tar czf log.tar.gz /Library/Application\ Support/NoMachine/var/log/

    Please use this e-mail:


    if they are too large to attach in the forums.

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