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    This is a continuation of the thread I started here:

    (Apologizes for starting a new thread, but the original was closed since it took too long for me to respond, and I didn’t see a way to message a moderator to ask about re-opening it).

    Summary of the issue is that we are detecting mDNS queries originating from our Server being sent to multicast address (port 5353 UDP). Queries are searching for _nomachine._tcp.local. We aren’t sure why this traffic is happening since ‘EnableNetworkBroadcast 0’ is set in server.cfg.

    First suggestion in original thread was to update NoMachine. We have updated from NoMachine Terminal Server version 6.7.6-11 to the latest version 6.11.2-1.

    The second suggestion was to “uncheck the box ‘Advertize this computer…’  in the player’s services panel on each host”. I was not able to find this setting on the server side. Opening the “NoMachine Service Status” menu on the server, I do not have the button to go to “Server Preferences” which I believe is where this setting is changed (see attached image). On the client side, I do have this setting and have it disabled on my own computer.

    Is there anything else I could check?

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